Saturday, February 10, 2018



Sixteen in fifteen
News anchors are the score emcees 
Live at six in the evening screen 
Videotaped down on Main Street
On site at the eye-opening scene  
Procured to entertain viewers like you and me

Sixteen in fifteen
Projectiles racing like thoroughbreds against time
One point zero six flashing strokes for every inch
Of blunt pocket knife whipping the muggy night 
Swarming gnats and houseflies hover over 
Stripped sinew, splintered bone, singed skin...

Sixteen in fifteen 
Infrared-guided missiles flaring in the dark of night 
Arms, torso, and legs soaking the ground
A pool of warm blood slowly flowing… releasing
Anger and confusion on their way to be misunderstood
(AKA justified actions in the name of public trust.)

Sixteen in fifteen
Flashes in the name of self-defense
Bullet holes in riddled fallen flesh
Justice once again shrouded in shame
Badged blind blues have saved the day again 
While the streets are stained in universal red.

Sixteen in fifteen
There are no magic bullets here… the evidence is clear
The score keepers tidy up their throats and deliver
Live in digitized color and at lightening speed
Reaching out to you… in the comfort of your living room
Spoon-feeding the juicy news concocted just for you and me.

Sixteen official blue bullets and one less 
Faceless invisible threat in fifteen seconds or less… 

The network anchors are always there to entertain you and me.

© 2018 jjméndez

Thursday, June 29, 2017


During restless nights when you just can’t
Seem to get a decent dose of sleep, 
Hold long conversations with Venus and Mars
(Mercury is too busy spinning ‘round the sun)
And give them a mindful of your good and bad times

The silent moon is always nearby willing 
To verify all of your impassioned onslaughts
Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus will chant in unison
Planetoids, the stepchildren of the sun, will surely join
Humming a low-key chant to sooth your soul .

At dawn, the distant stars will slowly wave good-bye
And the multitude of asteroids will join with all
The planets to resume their waltzing with the sun 

And your tired eyelids will yield their way 
To reconstituted peace neatly nestled 
In your spacious open heart…

© 2017 jjméndez

© 2017 "Sunrise" by jjméndez

Thursday, December 29, 2016

DAILY NEWS by jjméndez


The dailies 
are getting thinner
The newsprint is 
getting pulpier
And the sales inserts 
just get thicker.

Faux pas news 
spread like wildfire 
Doublespeak rules 
and so does doublethink
Spreading their cyber 
wings of flowery deceit.

Numbing minds is king 
with its entertaining flair
Disinformation pays
much better while 
The burden of Truth 
chokes in stale chatter…

© 2016 jjméndez 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016



I want to go there… there where
the somber light in the horizon dissolves
where the wind sleeps and dreams
of fallen leaves that no longer breathe.

I want to spend the day by the cliff
seeing the sea waves roar in silence
where the seagulls hover above the X 
marking the place of the sunken ship and its treasure
where tiny fish roam in the crevice the captain claimed.

I want to clasp in my left hand
the crystal drop of time forgotten
and caress its ticking heart with my right
and carry it to the murky borderlands of space
and hand it over to the supreme essence
that is both heat and intense frost…

© 2016 jjméndez

Monday, October 10, 2016



The quadrennial national 
Pageant is on.
Candidates flaunt 
Their wigs and mascara.
Lungs are blowing hot 
Air and tongues slither 
Flinging grandiose plans 
And evaporating hopes.

The five o’clock newsies 
Are doing their part
Spoon-feeding shut eyes 
And clogged hearts,
The daily dose 
Of shootings and mayhem,
And philandering tearing 
Our nation apart.

Bytes are on prime time
Eyeballing the flood 
Of refugees at the border
Interviewing buried children 
And showcasing 
Retrofitted soldiers.

Candidates continue 
To stretched the truth.
Copulations continue 
In the stock exchange.
Sewer rats sniff 
Their way to the bank 
And we settle 
For business as usual again…

A worldwide audience is fixed to the screen.

© 2016 jjméndez

Saturday, October 1, 2016

SAND CASTLES by jjméndez

       Sand Castles

There’s an overgrown
orange-faced gnome 
wrapped in our flag.

He roams unrestrained
on the political scene
flaunting the fluff 
in his swollen head

And he goes about
spreading his hate 
as he laughs 
on top his soapbox
and randomly 
shoots from the hip 
his usual litany 
of cynical quips.

This mess of a gnome 
preys all too well on 
the naive who live
uninformed and 
in confusion. He
claims they all
are fair game 
and easy to please 
with his diatribe 
of mudslinging 
and vilification
for those who dare 
to differ with him.

It’s inevitable
as history
usually tells
karma and reason
Will soon have 
their turn in the sun

And this warthog- 
faced gnome will 
soon self-destruct 
in his own festering mire
of immature rants 
and childish fits.

And we’ll finally see 
his  castles of sand 
crumble and fall 
deep in a hole… 

And the world 
will sigh once 
again with relief.

© 2016 jjméndez

Saturday, August 27, 2016

MOVE ON by jjméndez


Before you attempt 
To grab the bull 
By the horns
Take a deep breath.

Remove the thorns
Undo the hooks
Holding fast and release
The emotional strings 

Entangled deep 
In the chambers
Of your bruised heart
Then set yourself free…

After all, 
     you still have
            many more 
                     roads to travel.

© 2016 jjméndez