Monday, February 25, 2013

Tejano Breakfast: 1958

“M’ijo, ve y trae unos blanquillos del solar.”

Barefoot I run, chased after
By images of glossy yellow
Scrambled eggs spread on
A freshly-made flour tortilla

Ready to be folded and held fast
In my hungry hands.  Hands now
On a mission in search for gold in my
Gallinita’s straw-cushioned nest,

Nestled in the backyard chicken coop...

                    Three fresh freckled eggs ready to go!

And I rush back past the kitchen's
screeching snagged and bruised screen door
Where ‘ama is waiting with butter
Melting in the stovetop iron pan

©jjméndez, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 Amor Mío

I miss the tenderness
Of your presence. Yes.
Fresh memories of you
Linger green and fragrant
As the field of moist
Bluegrass outside my window.

I need the sun-setting
Arms of your shadow
Embracing me this evening. 
I need to feel the flutter
Of your red velvet heart
Inside me now.

Come, come quick
Before darkness.
Stay the night.
Undo the tangled void
Humming wishful thoughts
Of your sweet smile…

                  Joining me tonight.

©jjméndez, 2012