Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Story Is Born
      jj méndez

A wobbly wish
   A daring dream
      A lonesome letter
         A wavy word

         A poignant point
      A comic comma
   A wad of worms
A sack of snakes

A drastic drama
   A classic closure
      A solid story
          All night all day

         Anxiously awaits
      A spot in space
   A truce with Time
A long, long life…

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


               Eyes on America
                                                        jj méndez

Tree-scaped keystone boulevards
Steel skyline above decaying slums
Dirty streets in barren neighborhoods
Dreams of Disney and Hollywood

                Eyes on America

Gated communities ‘round the green
Bullet-ridden ghetto streets
Preppies cruising in expensive cars
Hustling youths panhandling rocks

                                                 Eyes on America

Financiers cajoling in the Wall
Blue collars drowning in a hole
Working moms ignoring kids at home
Fortyish Fathers searching jobs that don’t exist

     Eyes on America

Nobel Laureates tête-à-tête philanthropists
Politicians cashing-in their Dreams
Desperate immigrants corralled like cattle
Penitentiaries busting at the beams

                                           Eyes on America

Tall-tale clichés of rags to riches
Troops blown up in roadside ditches
Nation non-grata in the making
Global standing… slowly evaporating…

                    Eyes on America                                     
                                                                  Eyes on America

                        Eyes on America!

© 2011 jjméndez

Friday, April 5, 2013


Terra Nostra
          jj méndez

Sunrises to greet
Trails to meet

Summits to reach
Sights to inhale

Sunsets to gather
Journeys to log

Bonfires to start
Stories to tell!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Yearning for Primavera

Early this morning I looked
Out my window and witnessed
An icy west wind chasing a fledgling
Full moon through swaying skeletal trees

Rooted like Swiss Guards on Main Street.
While spring impatiently waited in the opposite
End of the yellow-tinged road.  In one hand,
The shovel, in the other, a spade and grass seed

Meanwhile, the rising red sun poked fun
At the clumps of grey snow just laying there….
On the ground… like tired old dogs
Too lazy to get up and move on instead

Of ignoring the imminent call of inescapable
Time to get going and leave, once and for all,
The fertile –still frozen– landscape and let
Spring engage in its ritual fiery dance

With the erupting green tendrils yearning to
Burst in radiant hues of red, yellow, and blue.

March 24, 2013