Tuesday, April 9, 2013


               Eyes on America
                                                        jj méndez

Tree-scaped keystone boulevards
Steel skyline above decaying slums
Dirty streets in barren neighborhoods
Dreams of Disney and Hollywood

                Eyes on America

Gated communities ‘round the green
Bullet-ridden ghetto streets
Preppies cruising in expensive cars
Hustling youths panhandling rocks

                                                 Eyes on America

Financiers cajoling in the Wall
Blue collars drowning in a hole
Working moms ignoring kids at home
Fortyish Fathers searching jobs that don’t exist

     Eyes on America

Nobel Laureates tête-à-tête philanthropists
Politicians cashing-in their Dreams
Desperate immigrants corralled like cattle
Penitentiaries busting at the beams

                                           Eyes on America

Tall-tale clichés of rags to riches
Troops blown up in roadside ditches
Nation non-grata in the making
Global standing… slowly evaporating…

                    Eyes on America                                     
                                                                  Eyes on America

                        Eyes on America!

© 2011 jjméndez

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