Thursday, October 31, 2013



October-tinged Laredo skies... 

I'm walking in
Three-hole sandals 
Made in Japan 
Its straps chafing 
My callused feet 
Each footstep shrinks 
The distance to school
Down dusty gravel streets.

Perched birds sing above
the crowded playground
As children chatter
Old friends greet
And come together

While I sit...

In the gray stone stairs
I begin to dress 
My naked feet in black
Leather shoes in search
Of jealous stares.

The ever-punctual bell rings!

I launch forward 
In a sudden dash 
To be the first 
In class to meet 
Worn-out tables 
Flanked by wobbly 
Little chairs set next
To Ms Guerra’s grand 
Old desk --still holding
Last week's withered flowers
And aging paper stacks.

pumpkin faces
Are hard at work
While a pearly smile and
A pair of watchful eyes
Walk across the aisles 

A ivory skeleton hangs
On the wall.  Its bony
Arms --stretched out
Attempt to grasp
Orange-yellow paper
Leaves pinned above 
The green chalkboard. 

Outside the classroom
Muffled echoes bounce and
Saturate the empty halls...

The sun is shining through 
The windows to the south.
Two-ring binders and
Hard-bound readers
Are finally retired 


I gladly join witches, 
Goblins and vampires
Holding hungry candy 
Bags --ready to roll
Outdoors with gaping 
Mouths together yelling

Three fifteen and time to go!

jjm√©ndez    2013