Sunday, July 27, 2014

BORDERLANDS: Self-reflection by jjméndez

July 25, 2014

Borderlands: Self-reflection

It’s late in July and there is no 
denying summer’s heat is on
in the Heart of Aztlán
my home sweet home.

Today, I hiked mesas and arroyos
sifting the sun-baked sand
that runs like soothing water
between my sandal-dressed toes.

Meanwhile, two hundred miles
down the road scared
children are being rounded
like unwanted stray dogs…

Seventy-thousand innocent
souls flee a death sentence
in search of a safe zone

beyond the hell hole
they left down home
(they had no choice)...

I stretch my hand 
to grasp an ice-cold
water bottle and easily kill
my thirst.  I undo the straps

Of my one hundred thirty-two
dollar Back-to-Earth shoes
And crack a smile knowing
I’ve safely made it back.

Sweet home it is!  It’s where
I know I’m safe and sheltered
from the coming desert storm.

Meanwhile, four-hundred miles
down the road hungry
and tired children wait…

to be corralled and 
told to go back to
the land of no return.

© 2014  jjméndez

Relatives carry the coffin of Gilberto Francisco Ramos Juarez, an 11year-old Guatemalan boy whose decomposed body was found in Texas' Rio Grande Valley...

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