Wednesday, August 20, 2014


                      Summer Wings

Summer fades into autumn as new life is born.
Trees paint the curved forest trails in gold and maroon.

Swallows flutter in the breeze from the dark gray lagoon.
A flock of loons slice the damp leaf-covered pond.

Under a sky of cumulus clouds and half moon,
Grilled burgers and dogs dread the ultimate bite.

Summer like Pegasus hops and mounts the last train
With plans of return at the same time to the same space…

© 2014  jjméndez

   Las Alas del Verano

Se viste el verano de otoño y comienza 
el retoño de un nuevo nacer.

Los árboles pintan las curvas veredas 
del bosque en oro y marrón.

Aletean las golondrinas en la brisa 
que sopla desde la gris y oscura laguna.

Una bandada de patos silvestres corta 
el estanque cubierto de mohosa hojarasca.

Bajo un cielo cúmulo y de media luna, salchichas 
y carne picada temen la última dentellada. 

Como Pegaso, el verano brinca y se monta en el último tren 
en plan de volver a la misma hora al mismo espacio…

© 2014  jjméndez

Original photo: © 2014 by jjméndez

Monday, August 18, 2014


August 17, 2014

                Summer Couplets

The green winds of summer are fading with ease
into the awaited cool autumn breeze.

Majestic trees lining the yellow brick road 
explode in deep red and gold tones.

East and West banners of political banter flutter
as south-of-the-border young gales return an old favor.

Across the Pond, Slavic guerrillas in borrowed fatigues
shoot clueless jet planes flying over dead space.

Deutschland  redeems its past in a fancy cotillion
As poverty-stricken Cariocas get stuck in the muck.

Down in the middle, fanatical sandmen continue their quest
for ancient land smeared with the blood of innocent souls.

Ebola ravages forgotten African nations
as lily white flowers fight the threats of infection.

Closer to home, our programmed Police Force armed 
to the core continue enforcing the old status quo. 

A flock of greedy sea birds intersects the setting red sun
and chase an exclusive regatta of bullet-proof sailboats

And the washed out face of summer exhales once more
its seasonal histrionic reality show…
© 2014  jjméndez

Friday, August 8, 2014

BLACK RAIN by jjméndez

August 6, 2014

Black Rain

August dog days and squalls 
are knocking at my desert door
the thirsty scorched earth 
exudes scents of sweet sage
in tepid sweet herbal nodes 

Across the jagged horizon
the sun and the clouds play dice
as the rolling thunder calls the shots
from the blue mesa kissing the sky.

Half-way around the world relentless
cold steel rain scorches the blood-
soaked earth strewn with human decay
and the tears of lingering souls

Obstinate men —some dressed
in black robes, some wearing ski
masks, wave hands at their missiles 
and rockets crisscrossing the sky
while a few more—dressed in Fifth 
Avenue garb—fill their pockets with gold

Across the horizon, behind bullet-proof doors
animated contractors  and corporate 
sponsors are fixed on the flat screen
admiring the crumbling of schools, libraries,
temples, minarets, and synagogues…

My desert door is now locked
the windows shut tight and the little
man dressed in blue suit and red
tie smiles and reassures me there
will be more black rain tonight.

© 2014  jjméndez