Friday, August 8, 2014

BLACK RAIN by jjméndez

August 6, 2014

Black Rain

August dog days and squalls 
are knocking at my desert door
the thirsty scorched earth 
exudes scents of sweet sage
in tepid sweet herbal nodes 

Across the jagged horizon
the sun and the clouds play dice
as the rolling thunder calls the shots
from the blue mesa kissing the sky.

Half-way around the world relentless
cold steel rain scorches the blood-
soaked earth strewn with human decay
and the tears of lingering souls

Obstinate men —some dressed
in black robes, some wearing ski
masks, wave hands at their missiles 
and rockets crisscrossing the sky
while a few more—dressed in Fifth 
Avenue garb—fill their pockets with gold

Across the horizon, behind bullet-proof doors
animated contractors  and corporate 
sponsors are fixed on the flat screen
admiring the crumbling of schools, libraries,
temples, minarets, and synagogues…

My desert door is now locked
the windows shut tight and the little
man dressed in blue suit and red
tie smiles and reassures me there
will be more black rain tonight.

© 2014  jjméndez

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