Monday, August 18, 2014


August 17, 2014

                Summer Couplets

The green winds of summer are fading with ease
into the awaited cool autumn breeze.

Majestic trees lining the yellow brick road 
explode in deep red and gold tones.

East and West banners of political banter flutter
as south-of-the-border young gales return an old favor.

Across the Pond, Slavic guerrillas in borrowed fatigues
shoot clueless jet planes flying over dead space.

Deutschland  redeems its past in a fancy cotillion
As poverty-stricken Cariocas get stuck in the muck.

Down in the middle, fanatical sandmen continue their quest
for ancient land smeared with the blood of innocent souls.

Ebola ravages forgotten African nations
as lily white flowers fight the threats of infection.

Closer to home, our programmed Police Force armed 
to the core continue enforcing the old status quo. 

A flock of greedy sea birds intersects the setting red sun
and chase an exclusive regatta of bullet-proof sailboats

And the washed out face of summer exhales once more
its seasonal histrionic reality show…
© 2014  jjméndez

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