Friday, September 5, 2014


A Summer Night Called Desire

Sultry dark scents lure the rodents out
As sweat-beaded faces shake their bony
arms and scan the city with matching
eyeballs floating in the summer night.

Tired ears listen to the gnawing
at the scraps the innocent hide for
another day in an abandoned car.

Robocops and undercover door-
shakers wearing sacred badges prey
on clueless souls who take it all in stride.

The grave yard shift tic-tocs away
the clammy night and insomniacs pretend
to dream under a buzzing neon light.

The Lord of Mictlán and his lovely
wife take aim at the street corner's rowdy
crowd with their double-barreled spray cans
of Made in China black rodenticide.

An army of persecuted roaches waves a white flag...

© 2014 jjméndez

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