Friday, October 10, 2014


   Nocturnal Chimera

The night was clear and serene
Studded with the sparkle of stars
Flanked by a full moon covering
The prairie in sublime silver light.

Trotting on his caballo bayo-coyote
Fidel meditates as he rides 
yonder into the painted horizon.

In a light trot and the reins 
hanging loose, his noble stallion 
knows where he's heading…

Hour and a half and three-quarters
a league are needed to cover 
the snaky hunched path.

To his left, the harsh and rough 
chaparral and to his right, 
the silky and smooth yellow pastures

Flanking a crystalline river that  
whispers a subtle sweet song
and floats on its way down below.

Like the final stroke of a paint brush, 
Fidel ponders at the dark silhouette 
of the distant sierra's tall peaks 
polishing the dark-clearing skies...

Filled with emotion, Fidel 
gives thanks to his God
For the joyous and divine 
scenic view and the bliss
He receives as he rides 
in the saddle...
The bliss that he enjoys... as he rides in his saddle!

© 2014 jjméndez

Poem dedicated to my viejito (1910-2002) who lived a Texas- México Borderlands life that can only be read about today.

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