Saturday, December 13, 2014

HOLIDAY SCENE by jjméndez

          Holiday Scene

Near the entrance to the corner
drugstore a stalwart gray-haired 
venerable lady relentlessly twitches
her bruised left eye as she swings 
her good arm and repeatedly rings 
a bright silver bell from side to side.

A wiry and hunched aging man 
wearing a skull cap and a weathered
brown face wrapped in a navy blue scarf
drops a coin in the red hungry pot.  

Not far behind is a finicky-faced
blue-hair feline swinging her bushy 
striped tail in mid-air proudly displaying 
her fluffy fur coat and red bag
splotched with green dollar signs. 

She shrugs her padded shoulders and
fastidiously meows as she cautiously
strides to avoid the rhythmically swaying 
musical arm ringing its cheerful holiday charm…

© 2014 jjméndez (poem and photo original)

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