Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UNCHAINED by jjméndez


Today Joe Vet now a bona fide 
proletarian got the courage
to ditch his slave job and set on 
a self-imposed new journey.

He will no longer feel the agony 
of being just another bleeding 
sweating nobody drowning in his
own salty tears in a sea of misery.

No longer will he be wallowing 
in the idea of being a worthless
oppressed disposable thingamajig.

Today he will stop being confined 
to the dictum of the clock and residual 
metal dust trapped in his lungs.

He will no longer need to hear 
the pounding mechanical black 
noise that haunts him all the way
into his frequent sleepless nights.

Today he will no longer suppress 
the urge to urinate because
he had to stand obediently and 
occupy his assigned yellow 
squared space in the endless 
assembly line of the dead-end 
job that was supposed to save his life.

Today he will no longer have 
to worry about feeling undervalued
useless and humiliated. 

Joe will no longer have to follow 
orders from VIPs that he never got 
a chance to see or meet.

Today he will walk in dignity 
knowing that he will be breathing
his moment of freedom as he 
embarks into a new chapter 
in his life living and sleeping 
under the interstate highway bridge.

He only wishes his fellow
oblivious comrades would 
find the courage and do the same.

For now it's an army of one… 
© 2014 jjméndez

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