Monday, January 19, 2015

DESERT WALK by jjméndez

       Desert Walk

I walked and walked alone 
deep into the silent 
amber desert and I 
called upon the spirits 
of the cliffs to take pity 
on my soul and let me into 
their sacred ancient world.

I walked and walked alone 
until I came upon the sun-stroked 
side of a dried and cracked 
arroyo bed.  I searched for clues 
but only felt the cold stare 
of a lone coyote’s eyes.  

I walked and walked alone 
until the spent red sun 
began to sink behind 
the distant mountain peaks 
and darkness swiftly crept 
across the imposing mesa’s 
scripted walls…  I knew then 
it was time to give my backside 
to the cliffs and head back home.

I turned my face southeast 
and stretched my arms 
with open hands and began 
to accelerate my stride 
towards the purple-violet sky. 

I felt the urge to hum 
an ancient chant and
greet the orange moon 
slowly rising above 
the stark horizon line.

The wind began to howl 
and screech arousing 
sand and tumbleweed; 
the eerie wails became 
a mellow tune reminding
me of Kokopelli’s flute.

With my hands still wide 
open, I waved like wings
my sunburned arms and 
closed my eyes and wished 
to be an eagle hovering 
above the moon-lit clouds…

I held my breath 
                            and then…

In the midst of total darkness 
I felt the overwhelming 
presence of the ancestral 
spirits of the cliffs placing 
their adobe-smeared warm
hands upon my trembling arms

And I heard the whisper 
of their ancient voices 
in my ears humming,
                      taking turns...

First on my left ear and then 
on my right and then back
to my left and then the right
and then both --in synchrony
engulfing me-- entirely
with their gift of a captivating
sacred song and I felt blessed.

I have walked in the desert
and now I know it was meant 
to be more than just another dream...

© 2015 jjméndez 
© 2015 jjméndez (high plains desert near Santa Fe, NM)

Friday, January 9, 2015


     Urban Wanderlust

Snow is back in the Windy City
so fresh and shiny and clean
covering the grime and hiding
all hints of white-collar crime.

Snowflakes in mid-air frolic and lay 
a fluffy ivory sheet in the streets 
and dead ends and frost the tall 
smart city lamps blurring urban decay.

Hexagonal flakes of infinite shapes land 
on slanted rooftops and morph into teardrops 
trickling down the wet eaves and cascade 
as spikes facing closed doors keeping
city folks fixed on their cellular phones.

In the lone city park the glittering fluff 
settles to cover and snuggle the grass
hiding tell-tale stains in empty beer 
cans and shattered bottles of wine.

Clumps of bold alabaster hang on 
the evergreens and the leafless black oaks 
and brighten the holiday-lit crab apple 
trees emitting a joyful and peaceful holiday glee.

Whenever fresh snow comes to the city… 

It always succeeds in having all willing
blind eyes briefly enjoy the holiday scene 
before it turns the urban delight into smut leaving…

Reality exposed.

© 2014 jjméndez