Tuesday, June 16, 2015

RIO GRANDE! RIO BRAVO! by jjméndez


Tortuous varicose 
Vein conceived 
In the snowy 
Womb of Gaia 
By Uranus
Born a trickle 
In the Rocky Mountains 
destined to become
a mighty Titan.

Instead you
Have become
A deceiving 
Cyclops carving 
The wind-swept
And thirsty
Desert plains 
Down below 
The San Luis Valley 
fertile land.

Rio Grande, Rio Bravo!
The hegemony 
And the greed 
Of unbridled  
Has brought you
Down to your knees 
And turned you 
Into a cold-hearted 
Wall of xenophobia.

Once a proud
Life source in
A borderless land
You have become 
The dreaded hangman 

Of dreams 
Of hunger
Of thirst 
Of hope…

Today you are the River Styx 

Of failed global policies 
Of the lust for drugs 
Of aborted human cargo
Of betrayal and confusion
Of planned misinformation
Of ruthless supremacy 
Of racial prejudice and bigotry

                  In a shrinking planet…

You roil in your own
Stagnant bloodstream
Like the exhaust 
And tar of your robber
barons and their bilateral 
Addictive deep wells spewing 
Their greed into the Gulf of México.

© 2015 jjméndez

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