Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CAMPING by jjméndez

I peeked through
The canvas flaps and
Saw a trail of fresh 
Sure-footed tracks

A sudden swoosh
A moving blur, bushy 
tail, lanky legs,
Beige-orange maze 
Of fur…a pair of  
Amber eyes behind 
A momentous gaze.

Passing clouds tinged 
The morning air
Promising but failing, 
Once again, to satiate 
And quench the thirst
Of resilient ponderosa pines
Standing proud above

The aromatic silver sage 
And yellow butterflies
Gaily hovering over scanty
Wild flowers’ sweet delights
Competing with the zigzag
Buzz of hummingbirds claiming 
The nectar of the gods.

In a nearby sparkling rock
A solitary lizard sighs
And soaks its hide
In the rising rays of light.
The sly four-legged once 
Again swooshes by 
Through the tall dry grass

And turns the color of fresh air…

© June 2015 jjméndez

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