Thursday, November 19, 2015

MEN ON THE MOON by jjméndez

Men on the Moon

Back in ‘69
We were there
In the street corner
Roosting like crows
All dressed in black.  

We hanged low
Near the candy store 
Next to the red fire
Hydrant just in case
The night got excited
And we needed to cool down
Our urban hormones stashed 
In the breast pockets
of our three-quarter length 
Suede leather coats.

We were there… lost in our youth.

We looked at the stars and tried
to imagine ourselves as the spacemen 
Who took giant steps to stake
Our American flag in the moon. 

But all we could see was old 
Uncle Sam looking for bait 
To send to Hamburger Hill 
Where bombing and shelling
Raged in full force without pity…

If you happen to pass
By our corner tonight
Make it all the way
To the tattered stop sign
Bring a brown-wrapped bottle 
Of juice and some squares
We got the light and the latest
soul hits playing on the transistor radio.

The night is still young
 And we have…   All the time in the world.

© 2015 jjméndez

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