Friday, December 11, 2015

I REMEMBER by jjméndez

     I Remember 

I sat in the rear seat
Of the metallic blue
Two-door ’64 Chevy 
Impala. Windows closed.
It was the night before
Christmas as we waited 
For Casanova to return
With the some festive girls.

Ace whom we had
Just met was sitting
Next to me smelling
Like a bottle of Hai
Karate took a slug 
Of Canadian Club 
And said he was
An almighty king.

That’s when Louie
Turned his head
And began to preach
About God being
The only Almighty.

Roach pointed his finger
At Ace and said
In the low tone of his 
That there is nobody
Mightier than God

Ace said, well you
Are looking at
An almighty king
Right here and that
Is when a fist touched
Ace square in the face
Just to see if he was real.

© 2015 jjméndez

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