Sunday, March 27, 2016

NATIVE VENDOR by jjméndez


Once upon a time
while touristing like 
a visiting Gringo
in old México…

A bronzed bare-
footed stout woman
wrapped in
a worn and frayed
tell-tale apron
sat firmly in her
leased mercado
sidewalk space.

She proudly wore
a full head of tell- 
tale salt and pepper hair
enshrouded in a rainbow-
colored shawl and 
a long flowery dress.

Under her watchful
eye, two hungry boys 
cuddled to her side 
and silently shared 
a mouth-watering 
red prickly pear.

She was not there
for pleasure nor
to beg but just to get
a fair market price
for her sun- baked 
earthen wares.

Meanwhile, against 
the mercado’s wall 
a tall veladora bearing 
La Guadalupe burned 
an eternal orange flame…

©2016 jjméndez

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