Thursday, June 29, 2017


During restless nights when you just can’t
Seem to get a decent dose of sleep, 
Hold long conversations with Venus and Mars
(Mercury is too busy spinning ‘round the sun)
And give them a mindful of your good and bad times

The silent moon is always nearby willing 
To verify all of your impassioned onslaughts
Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus will chant in unison
Planetoids, the stepchildren of the sun, will surely join
Humming a low-key chant to sooth your soul .

At dawn, the distant stars will slowly wave good-bye
And the multitude of asteroids will join with all
The planets to resume their waltzing with the sun 

And your tired eyelids will yield their way 
To reconstituted peace neatly nestled 
In your spacious open heart…

© 2017 jjméndez

© 2017 "Sunrise" by jjméndez

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