Wednesday, November 21, 2018



How’s it going so far?
Do you yet feel how we citizens
Have been wasting our time?

Our stance on the Common Good 
Now lies in the butcher’s block
Yesterday’s progress is gone… Today
And tomorrow are days already done.

The stench we emanate keeps spreading
Our role in the game of doom is ripe
As we leave our moral fiber in the butcher’s block.

For empty pleasures we’ve let our dignity rot 
For false promises we’ve let our honor left to die
We now squirm like eels in the butcher’s block

Our wounded egos no longer heal
The butcher and his tribe are at the dinner table
We have become the main meal

We are victims to our own blindfolded trust
The lunatics are now ready to dine
And here we are –red rump…

                Mincing in the butcher’s block.
© jjméndez 2018

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